Warranties and dealer services from Yelverton Vans

All vehicles supplied by us come with a robust warranty and dealer preparation package. Unlike the majority of dealers, we do not use third party insurance based warranties as they fall far too short of our expectations and do not deliver the customer experience we strive for.

Over twenty years of being established as commercial vehicle dealers has taught us that our customers, who are mostly self-employed or small businesses, simply cannot afford to have their vehicle off the road without warning, even if the repairs are covered by a warranty. The losses and inconvenience incurred go far beyond the repair costs. We work hard to prevent these inconveniences in a number of ways, we also do this to protect ourselves as bringing a vehicle back in to carry out repairs enormously disrupts our working schedule, the subsequent losses can mean it would not have been worth selling the vehicle in the first place.

We are extremely selective with the vehicles we stock, we will only sell quality vehicles with tangible maintenance histories that show no signs of abusive or heavy usage. As a rule, most of our vehicles will come direct from first company owners and will have a full maintenance history from the manufacturer or other appointed establishment. We verify the status and ownership of every vehicle with HPI and do not deal in category vehicles.

We primarily deal in Volkswagen commercial vehicles and always have done. They provide unrivalled reliability, lower servicing and maintenance costs and last significantly longer than many other manufacturers. This all adds up to lower ‘whole of life’ running costs and reduced consequential costs caused by down-time

We sell carefully selected models from a number of other manufacturers, due to extensive ‘badge engineering’ and cross-component usage there is no one good or bad manufacturer, just good (or not so good) models.

We take pride in the level of preparation that every vehicle receives. Alongside our high standards of cosmetic preparation, we subject each vehicle to an extensive mechanical health check.

Components found to be faulty or nearing the end of their lives are replaced without question, this prevention rather than cure approach, allows us to guarantee every single part, component and feature of the vehicle with our comprehensive warranty agreement. No third party warranty product offers this level of protection.

The majority of vehicles we sell will be supplied with six months of this cover as standard. Along with extensive cosmetic preparation and the above mentioned mechanical scrutiny every vehicle will receive a major service to manufacturer standards shortly before hand-over and will receive a fresh 12 month MOT. For Volkswagen group vehicles we exclusively use genuine parts and lubricants for this process.